In God I Change

February 14th, 2006 by sequential life

The wind blows and shakes the trees
at those moments time seems meaningless
leaves are falling down
soon they cover the ground
and hopes seems beyond me

My learning will continue throughout my life
‘cos no one deserves to have
a perfect pattern of love
of honesty and sincerity
of unselfishness in values
Being the change I’d like to see
it’s not as easy as somebody
turning his palm upside down
or getting my life the right way round
always a burning question remains
the search for the truth in each of our hearts
let the spirit wind blow and reveal where to start
O, my Lord
I feel worthless to be in your presence
nor am I ready to live with your anger
bad choices have made some people live like princes
while others are suffering a hell on earth
So…please help me face this malaise
for the sake of the unforeseen future
to dedicate my life to You Almighty
to be changed as You wish me to change
for the sake of a better world I seek Your guidance

Written by kangamay

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