Think Positively

June 28th, 2006 by sequentiallife

You are what you think.You are responsible for your thinking. Change your thinking and life will get better. But, what thoughts do you change? Your troublesome thoughts about a situation can easily be found in your self-talk. Self-talk is that inner running dialogue you have with

yourself. It is what you tell yourself about life’s situations.

Everytime I woke up in the morning, a self talk begin search for a meaning.”why should you leave your dream?””dream? What dream? I can’t see it, could you?””what? didn’t you enjoy it? You had a sound sleep, I don’t understand..””no, I’m not living in my dream, am I ?”well.then I woke up…”you are so bad yoday!””No…look I’m handsome..,he2x…and cute…””handsome?ha2xha2x….what a crazy person who said that..””well, at least a devil such as you is worse than me..””so, you are a devil..?””well, since you are still inside me, yes, you are..””ha2xha2x…

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