When a bird should be back to her nest

“Hellloo…boss…as you see..when a bird should be back to her nest, she will spend her time on nurturing her old place. By this deed, she is getting ready for her upcoming journey.” Still there, a beautiful sentence I wrote two years ago. There had been a lot of time during these periods when I’m so busy consolidating my self, managing my family and taking care everything, those are my 

responsibility. Today, I try to awake my truly mind as I begin to see a point of light, a source of energy that suddenly come to me. After five days, my house being fulfilled by spiritual energy coming from 41 reading of ya sin.

Is today A New Season?
the half-empty glass
leaking rust-tinged memories
into the polished keyhole
of a closed door
streaks of manipulation
frozen beneath intense sunshine
Let’s see for two or five days. i hope this writing will be continued…

Written by kangamay

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